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Li Jackson is an 18 year veteran of the events & exhibits industry and is currently the VP of Marketing at Plus Studios, an experiential Events Exhibits and Environments company based in Las Vegas Nevada. She is also Founder of Tradeshowlife®️, an Online Educational & Media company and Executive Director at Rethink Worldwide a Non-Profit Organization focused on Conserving the Environment.

I have been in the exhibits and events industry since 2000. I have held positions of Account Executive, Director of Sales, VP of Sales and VP of Marketing. I have also held numerous Top Sales awards in my career. I created Tradeshowlife®️ because I wanted a platform where entrepreneurs who believe in trade shows could learn from one another. TRADESHOWLIFE® is an event and media service company where entrepreneurs can share ideas, learn ways to be more socially responsible, and be a social impact to their community. Our mission is to educate, consult, and advise entrepreneurial minds on how to grow your business.


I consider myself an Entrepreneurial Executive because I believe that you have to work smart, be committed and take chances in order to succeed. My client list varies from Small Business Enterprises to Fortune 500s in various industries. My list of references are Executives that I have known since 2000.


Let me know how I can help you. Contact me through submission in footer and let's get to work! 


Lisa (aka Li)


RETHINK WORLDWIDE is a nonprofit corporation focused on ending single-use plastic. 


Key Initiatives:

1. Educate individuals on how to live sustainably.

2. Provide eco-friendly solutions to corporations with missions to end social injustice and child trafficking.

3. Create sustainable jobs in underserved communities.

Our Mission:

"To inspire every human to take immediate action to care for our planet and the people in it."


Company Vision:

"To provide the best environmentally friendly solutions for all societal issues."