The Tradeshow that Kicks-off the Holidays

The Radiology Society of North America, aka RSNA, takes place every year on Thanksgiving weekend in Chicago! Yes, Thanksgiving. It has one of the longest set up times than most trade shows. Set up starts 7 days before Thanksgiving, shuts down on Thanksgiving with final set up days on Friday & Saturday. The trade show floor opens on Sunday. Crazy isn't it? RSNA brings together radiology professionals from around the globe to gather knowledge through educational courses, explore the latest innovations presented by technical exhibitors, discover groundbreaking research from scientific paper presentations, and participate in networking opportunities.

Some very recognizable names that had the largest presence on the trade show floor include Hitachi, Canon, Konica Minolta, Toshiba, Philips, Lexmark, Samsung, Bayer and Fujifilm just to name a few. Over 650 companies exhibited in the 5-day convention in Chicago, thankfully it wasn't too cold or too windy, which is very rare for a November in Chicago. After all it's said and done, they survived a working Thanksgiving, as so did I, and I hope they all went home with lots of leads!

December is typically the slowest trade show month because of the Holidays. On the other hand, it is a very hectic month for the exhibit firms. Santa's workshops are working around the clock getting ready for January shows. You may or may not know, but the industry's busiest trade show months are January - March. So while everyone else is winding down for the Holidays, our builders are on "red alert". That is the nature of the beast, love it or hate it.

December in Vegas is all about networking. I am on my 4th Christmas / Holiday Party, with 2 more to go before heading home for the Holidays. I love Christmas trees, so I thought I would share them with you. Here are some of my favorites!

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Happy Holidays and Happy New Year,


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