3 Reasons why ComplexCON2017 was Amazing

If you haven’t heard already, I’m sure by now you’ve heard all about #ComplexCON, a BtoC convention and festival targeting millennial men . Founded by Mark Ecko, who’s also Founder of #EckoUnltd and #ComplexMedia, a big hit in its 1st year, #ComplexCON2017 was double the hit in its 2nd year.

Flashback to January 2016, when I went with my husband to visit Marc at his Complex Media office in the heart of New York City. I remember hearing the excitement in Marc’s voice as he was telling my husband about a big event he was planning for November 2016 that would take place in Long Beach, California...He described it as a combination of music, fashion, celebrities, business and innovation for the pop culture. Add Pharrell Williams to that and a host of mega stars & entertainers, sneaker lovers and fashion influencers....how could it not be successful?! It’s like ComicCon & Coachella on steroids. Thank you Marc for the VIP treatment and letting us hang with you to see a little behind the scene action. Can't wait for 2018!!

3 Reasons Why ComplexCON was Amazing:

1. The Exhibitors/Vendors, pop-ups and retail activations in the Marketplace were very well represented. Definitely not a disappointment and highly impressive. ComplexCON did an amazing job curating some of the best brands in the fashion industry from start ups to iconic brands like Nike, Adidas & Puma. Even Intel had a huge appearance with their innovative and ground breaking LED interactive exhibit.

2. The Entertainment - was ridiculous! The line up that they had over the weekend was out of control. Day time entertainment in the market place area and night time concert in the concert hall, it was so crazy and so sick. We had such an awesome time!! My favorite was absolutely hands down the N.E.R.D. concert where they released their new album at the concert! They sang all the songs and it was just awesome. Beyond sick. Other performers were DJ Khaled, Gucci Mane, M.I.A., Jaden Smith and so many more!!!

3. The Energy - was unexplainable...without sounding cliche-ish, it really was contagious and over the top exciting. Made me feel like a kid again. I have never seen anything like it. 16 years in the events and exhibits business and I’m still amazed that I can still be surprised and amazed by how exciting an event can be. We arrived at the Long Beach Convention Center shortly before the doors opened and passed hundreds of “sneakerheads” in line waiting to be the 1st to get in and the 1st to get their hands on the hottest sneakers & fashion pieces that may or may not be available to the mainstream public yet. Believe it or not, the sneakers cost $200-$2000 a pair. When the doors openers, you best be out of the way or you will get trampled! Okay, maybe not trampled, but just stay out of the way if you’re not buying.

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Written by: Li Jackson

Photography: Terence Jackson

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