If You’re A Pro-Athlete This Is For You

Today I had the opportunity to attend the SBE Conference at the Venetian Las Vegas. The Sports Business & Entertainment (“SBE”) Conference provides an interactive platform to bring together both former and current athletes and entertainers with business professionals, all interested in discussing opportunities that equate to definable next steps.

The SBE Conference takes place twice a year, on April in New York and December in Las Vegas. Both conferences bring in a vetted group of business minded folks in an organic and intimate setting. The 2-day event is hosted by Founder, Charles D. Smith, CEO of Lifestyle Service Group. Charles is a former NBA player and Olympian as well as a dynamic leader and educator for business and career transitions. Charles moderates the panels and does an incredible job at pairing athletes, entertainers, and businesses for increased networking that leads to mutually beneficial opportunities at the conference.

I’ve seen plenty of athletes who could have used the services that SBE offers. I’m sure the last thing a 7-figure athlete want to think about is the unthinkable, of “what am I going to do when my contract runs out”. In my opinion, if their agent is a good agent, they should be preparing them from the start. Otherwise, there wouldn’t be so many athletes out here wondering what their next life will be...sad, but true.

Special thanks to Dan with EFO, major sponsor of the SBE Conference.

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