Juvenile Justice Impact Gala

Dr. Susan Feneck hosted an educational and fundraising gala last night at Giordano Production Space inside Tivoli Village in Summerlin to benefit The Harbor LV, a Juvenile Assessment Center.

The mission of The Harbor is to provide a safe place for guidance and to be responsive to the well-being of youth, families, victims, and the Clark County community by providing meaningful services to youth and families to address their immediate needs. Learn more at www.theharborlv.com

Dr. Susan Feneck has been an educator and advocate for children in the juvenile justice system for over 20 years. Her goal has been to bring light to topics in the juvenile justice system she stands behind so passionately.

Thank you to the following companies for donating these amazing items benefiting The Harbor LV. Click here if you would like to support and donate.

William Carr and Dr Feneck

I was one of the guests that attended last night’s gala, and after hearing the panel discussion and what some of these kids went through, I couldn’t help but to say a quick thank you prayer for my kids. It didn’t matter that most of us in the room did not experience what these kids and their families experienced, but I hope that we can all empathize. Kids need guidance. It is the responsibility of the parents, the extended friends & families, the teachers, and if necessary the juvenile system to mold these kids into responsible and caring human beings. Kids shouldn’t be committing suicide at home, or in juvenile detention, google Jumpsuit Shackle by Dr. Feneck. They are our future, and if we don’t take the responsibility when we see the signs, then we’re just preparing these high-risk kids for the prison system that will more than likely end their life.

Special thanks to the title sponsors: Angelo Giordano Productions, Bar Smart Systems LLC, Art of Cullinary and Giordano Production Space.

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